The “Khatamband” is a registered GI (Geographical Indication), having No. 204 and Certificate No. 164in the Classes of Goods 19; in respect of buildingmaterials including false ceiling,wood panels,doorsand windows,frames made of wood and 20; in respectof furniture like table desk, dining tables, dressers,side tables, cabinets, wardrobes (door panels), chairs, sofas, stools, beds, folding screens, book racks,mirror frames, dry fruit bowels, trays, lamps, candle stands, incense burners, snuff boxes, jewelry boxes, including boxes for holding bracelets, powder, shoes, rings, perfumes, handkerchiefs, cigarettes cases, mirror case, pen case, book case. Watch box, wooden knives, spoons, forks, sculptures, models of houseboats, Goods of utilitarian nature and decorative nature that are made of walnut and embellished with hand carving, mirrors, picture frames, goods(not included in other classes) of wood, cork, read, cane,wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shall, amber,mother of pearl, meerschaum and substitute for allthese materials, or of plastics, made from paper and paper pulp as on 24th March 2010.

As a title “Khatamband” cannot be used other than those subscribing to the specification regarding raw material, production process and finished goods other than those registered as the “Khatamband” GI.

The Specifications for “Khatamband” as registered under the GI are:

a. Is technique of panelling with pieces.

b. Is partially handmade and extremely labour intensive.

c. Held by joints & not nails or glue

d. Final product is dismantlable and reusable

e. May or may not have value addition

f. Is made of Budloo material which is best suited for all the requirements

g. Designs are many and repeat a geometric pattern.

h. Based on a master scale or kannat for each design

Quality Manual

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