A title that has been registered as a Geographical Indication and is indicative of standards and attributes that are lawfully Specified.

The “Kashmir Sozani” is a registered GI (Geographical Indication), having No. 48 and Certificate No. 98 in the Classes of Goods 26 in respect of Sozani embroidery performed on different Apparels fabrics as on 19thJanuary 2006.

 The Specifications for “Kashmir Sozani” as registered under the GI are:

(i) Fine Needlework on various fabrics, done by a Sozankar employing predominantly the Sozani Stitch, Darn Stitch and Stem Stitch using silk and viscose yarns. Buttonhole stitch, Herring bone stitch, Chain stitch, Satin Stitch and Knot stitches are also used, though in limited proportions.

(ii) The Sozani stitch is a fine couching stitch with a reinforcing stitch laid over a basic stitch.

(iii) The Sozani stitch can be simple, continuous line or a diamond shaped outline used for petals and flowers. It can also be used in filling.

 The following parameters will be tested to determine the specified quality standards prescribed for genuine handmade Kashmir Sozani:

 01. Type and Technique of Stitch

02. Process of Stitching

03. Number of stitches per square inch

In order to implement the GI, The Secure Fusion Authentication Labels (SFAL) is being used for Certification of genuine ‘Kashmir Sozani Craft’. Each label has Covert (hidden) and Overt (visible) information. Further, each SFAL carry invisible nano particles known as Microttagant (only visible by using an Infra Red based instrument) readable by using a Ultra Violet based instrument).

Not only the GI label is secure but consumers can also track and trace the authenticity of the GI label put on the pashmina product online through the website: www.kashmirsozani.secure-ga.com

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Quality Manual

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