A highly conducive environment and multi-dimensional resource-base for
development and training
in handicrafts.
CDI shares a four acre campus with the Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, Srinagar. Both have a common mechanized facility for carpet washing, pulp making and wood seasoning as well as a hostel. Located just a short distance from Baghe-Ali-Mardan Khan Industrial Estate - the handicraft and industrial production centre of Srinagar - CDI has to its advantage proximity to a neighbourhood of approx. 40,000 artisans producing more than 60% of the total volume of handicrafts and almost half the industrial production of the city.

To support on-going activities of the Institute and provide reference material for the crafts industry, CDI has established a rapidly expanding resource centre. Within it, an information cell with comprehensive and organized access to design, materials, processes, market trends, etc. is also available to the craft sector, at a nominal membership cost. 

CDI has a well-established studio that facilitates visualization, material exploration and development of new design concepts. The Institute’s workshop has the necessary equipment and facilities to undertake fabrication using different materials like metal, wood, leather and textiles. The computer centre has high-speed access to the internet and a software environment of graphics, textile design, CAD and mapping-based applications.